10er Abo

For the subscription of ten you pay only CHF 80, i.e. CHF 8 per admission.

Please note that the subscription is valid for 12 months after its first use. There will be no refund for tickets that have not been redeemed.

birthday parties

No matter what the weather, no trouble with the neighbours and lots of fun!

TOPOLINO is the ideal place to celebrate birthdays. You have no «preparatory stress» and do not have to devote yourself to the tedious cleaning up work. Your children can let off steam while you sit back and relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.

The entrance fee for two adults is already included in the birthday packages.

Important note: you may of course bring your own birthday cake. The rest of the consumption you can get at Topolino.

birthday package


up to 7 children, CHF 100.-

  • incl. entry fee
  • incl. 1 portion of french fries
  • incl. 1 drink
  • incl. decoration "princess" or "car
  • If more than 7 children, each additional child costs CHF 15.-.

birthday package


CHF 22.- per child
(from 10 children, CHF 20.- per child)

  • incl. admission
  • incl. 1 Hot Dog or 3 Chicken Nuggets per child
  • incl. 1 drink per child
  • incl. 1 coffee for accompanying persons (max. 2)
  • incl. a little surprise for the birthday child

birthday package


Fr. 30.- per child
(from 10 children, CHF 28.- per child)

  • incl. admission
  • incl. table decoration
  • incl. 3 drinks per child
  • incl. 1 coffee for accompanying persons (max. 2)
  • incl. 1 Hot Dog or 3 Chicken Nuggets per child
  • incl. 1 French fries with ketchup per child
  • incl. 1 little surprise for each child


birthday package


up to 60 persons
Rent the TOPOLINO exclusively for your event!

  • The Topolino is exclusively available for you and your invited guests (rent per hour = CHF 100.-)
  • For groups of up to 60 people
  • You can bring your own food. Drinks must be purchased from Topolino (link drinks/menu)
  • At weekends, the Topolino can be booked between 10.00 and 14.00 and during the week by arrangement
  • Decoration of children's tables = CHF 30 (optional)
  • Birthday cake for 15 - 20 people = CHF 150.- ( designs as desired)
  • Final cleaning = CHF 40.-

Contact & Reservation

PHONE +41 (0)61 511 21 64
MOBILE +41 (0)76 535 82 84
MAIL spielspass@topolino.ch

Birthday cake & Decoration

Note: Birthday cakes may be brought along and eaten in the restaurant. The rest of the food must be consumed in TOPOLINO.



Price for decoration: CHF 20.-


Tables can be decorated by yourself. The "Premium" birthday package already includes the decoration.
Our birthday decorations are available in the variants "Girls" and "Boys".

  • + colour-coordinated decoration for the respective theme +
  • + balloons +
  • + coloured cups and straws +
  • + dishes +
  • + Theme napkins +

birthday invitation

Still looking for a suitable invitation for your upcoming birthday? Use our free invitation as a Word document, which you can customize for the next birthday.

Download birthday invitation as Word document

Party a little longer?

Why not extend the afternoon into the evening? How about a pizza and/or a round of bowling, for example? Our bowling alleys are adapted for children, so that even the youngest children can enjoy an exciting game of bowling. Fun factor guaranteed!

Interested? Then we look forward to hearing from you via contact form or telephone.

Reservations under:

M: +41(0) 76 535 82 84
P: +41 (0) 61 811 63 64

Children's animation/make-up

You want to surprise your child and his or her birthday guests with something special? No problem. Our Topolino mascot will ensure sparkling eyes, a good atmosphere and an unforgettable birthday experience for the little guests. If that's not the right thing, a little make-up will bring life to your birthday party. With a little paint, children's faces can be transformed into butterflies, tigers, lions, zombies, vampires and all kinds of superheroes.

The make-up or animation programme can be added to all packages for CHF 100 (per hour).

Offers for kindergartens and schools

KiTa special offer

Especially for day care centres with children up to 5 years of age, TOPOLINO offers fun at special conditions.

KiTa annual subscription:

For day care centres with up to 15 children per visit: CHF 300.00 per year

For day care centres with up to 30 children per visit: CHF 400.00 per year


The annual subscription is valid for 1 year from the date of payment. The number of visits is not limited.

Offers for kindergartens and schools

Kindergartens and schools receive a reduced entrance fee at TOPOLINO.

The entrance fee per child is CHF 6.00 per visit.

If you have any questions or would like to make a reservation, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail or by phone.