about us

With the acquisition of TOPOLINO, Ivette Posch has fulfilled her wish to create a place where children can let off steam and have fun.

Since 2010, she and her team have been working with dedication, passion and enthusiasm to care for the well-being of children and parents. Our indoor playground makes children's hearts beat faster and offers lots of fun and variety. Our team is constantly working on creating new ideas and innovative offers so that we can look forward to receiving numerous positive feedback from children and parents in the future as well.

We appreciate your ideas and suggestions so that we can respond even better to your wishes in the future.


The "boss". She has no children of her own and has fulfilled a long-awaited wish with the TOPOLINO. So she can pass on her love for children here.


The "experienced one". With 2 adult children their need for children is still not covered. She enjoys working with children. And she also says it keeps her young.


The prospective kindergarten teacher is currently studying at the College of Education. She enjoys working with children, which is why Topolino is Ilenia's perfect place to work.


The "mom". With her 2 kiddies at home, she knows how to keep a cool head when things get hot in our house. Every child is unique for her and is served by her.


Awina is the youngest member in the team and is currently training to become a childcare specialist. She is the perfect addition to our team and brings a breath of fresh air to the Topolino family with her youthful and dynamic nature.